Committee, Trust work earns David Hodgson a Vision Australia Award

24 October 2019

Vision Australia acknowledged David Hodgson at its annual general meeting, presenting him with a 2019 Vision Australia Award.

David was appointed to the then Property Committee in 2014 and was subsequently appointed as a Director of the Vision Australia Trust Board in 2015, where he served until February 2019. 

David’s knowledge and experience of the Australian property industry over the last 35 years has assisted Vision Australia in the governance and management of its property investment portfolio.

David has also been instrumental in a number of Vision Australia’s asset sales and transactions during his tenure.

"VA Award winner David, holding his award which takes the shape of the VA logo of 3 yellow ovals linked together"

[PD: VA Award winner David, holding his award which takes the shape of the VA logo of 3 yellow ovals linked together.]

The awards, first established in 2006, honour those who help to make a substantial difference through their commitment to Vision Australia’s mission to ensure people who are blind or have low vision can live the life they choose.

Vision Australia Chair, Andrew Moffat, who presented David with the award said;

“David has added more value than most of us would probably realise because a lot of what's happened behind the scenes. He has been a constantly untapped resource when we need him and he's also been a great pleasure to work with.”

In accepting the award, David paid tribute to the proud achievements of Vision Australia, its volunteers, staff, clients and families.

“I've seen the passion, energy and commitment in everything we do at Vision Australia, from the board down to our incredible volunteers and staff and our clients.”

“When you step onto the board at somewhere like Vision Australia, you do it to step up, contribute and make a difference. I certainly have appreciated the opportunity to be involved with this great organisation.”