Facebook Live: Navigating transitions

18 September 2019

Moving from high school to tertiary education or from education to the work place can stressful experiences.

In the next of our Facebook Live sessions, we’ll explore these transitions with a panel made up people who are experienced in navigating them while living with blindness or low vision.

Our three-person panel will share their journeys with the audience, as well as some tips and advice about how to overcome challenges.

The Facebook Live session will be useful for young adults, as well as parents and carers who are supporting children through these transition periods.

Facebook Live Transitions session

Meet the panel

Cameron Roles, Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University and Vision Australia Board member

Cameron is a senior lecturer at the ANU College of Law, where he teaches and researches in workplace law. He also teaches corporations law and occupational health and safety law. Prior to his appointment to ANU, Cameron worked as a lecturer at the University of Wollongong, and as a workplace relations lawyer in private and government legal practice.

Paul Headley, Vision Australia Client Reference Group (CRG) member  

Paul is a member of Vision Australia’s Client Reference Group (CRG), responsible for the Technology portfolio. Paul currently works in the manufacturing sector and studied at TAFE after finishing high school. He has also recently started studying for a degree in counselling.  Since losing his vision four years ago, Paul has had to adapt in a number of ways in both his work and personal life.

Nadia Mattiazzo, Vision Australia Client Reference Group (CRG) member   

Nadia is also a member of the CRG and is responsible for the Seeing Eye Dogs portfolio. She has studied Arts at Deakin University and is currently working as a Program Manager with Women with Disabilities Victoria.