Your NDIS questions answered: Dear VA August 2019

15 August 2019

The ins and outs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be challenging to understand and navigate for some, but we’re here to help.

We want to hear the common questions you have about the NDIS, whether it’s how you apply, what you can use your package for, how to deal with a plan review or anything else.

Simply email with “Dear VA” in the subject line and we’ll do our best to answer your question!

Read on for the first batch of questions our team have answered!

Dear VA,

I’m 22, legally blind and living in a rural area. I’m currently at university part-time but I would really like to find some part-time work. Can I ask for NDIS assistance with job seeking? 


Dear Beth,

The NDIS exists so you can continue to access the community, find employment and live an ordinary life. The supports we provide have to be related directly to your disability and evidenced that will build your capacity – and finding a job would be that capacity.

You could build a plan with funding for transport to travel to both uni and job interviews and you might also think about an occupational therapist and any assistive technology.

Dear VA,

I’ve recently been contacted by a “local area coordinator” from an organisation I don’t recognise in regards to my NDIS planning process and I’m not sure why they are involved? Could you shed any light on this?


Dear James,

This is a very common concern, and the answer is only a little bit complicated.

As part of the NDIS rollout, the NDIA partners with community organisations around the country to help deliver planning and support services – but not direct service. These are called Local Area Coordinators (LAC). They work with the NDIA to provide planning services for to people over the age of seven.

What this means is you may be contacted by a local area coordinator as part of your planning process for the NDIS. Their job is to help you understand and access the NDIS, create a plan, implement your plan, or review it.

There are several of these partner organisations, if you want to find out who these organisations are in your area you can view them on the NDIS website here.

Remember, if you've got an NDIS or NDIA related question email with "Dear VA" in the subject line. 

Do you want to know more about the NDIS? Our NDIS page might help or you can call our NDIS help line on 1300 88 70 58.