Update to white cane distribution policy

20 May 2019

With the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) nearly complete, Vision Australia has updated its white cane distribution policy.

From May 2019, clients with an available funding package through the NDIS or aged care system will be required to use their package to purchase a cane of their choice.

For NDIS recipients, funding is usually from the consumables allocation, once assessed.

Vision Australia general manager client services (QLD, NNSW and NT) Karen Knight said for clients who are not eligible for any funding source, Vision Australia will continue to offer a complimentary Bevria cane plus one cane tip on an annual basis.

“Should a different cane be the preference for the client, clients may also choose to purchase a cane of their choice at their own expense,” she said.

“For some clients who are waiting for approval of their funding package, they may be eligible for a complimentary cane where deemed clinically necessary. The clinician, along with your regional business manager will make this assessment.”

However, those who have chosen not to seek funding and who clearly meet funding guidelines, will not be eligible for a complimentary cane.

Vision Australia has a dedicated team of service engagement consultants who can help you navigate the various funding streams available in your region.

There are a variety of white canes available to clients through Vision Australia and you should contact your local Vision Australia office if you’d like to know more.

For full details of the policy, click here.