Makeup advice for the blind and low vision community

08 May 2019

Makeup is an important part of life for many women and can be a powerful tool in allowing them to express themselves and build their self-confidence. 

Blindness or low vision can present some challenges to women exploring the world of makeup, however with the right information and advice those challenges can be overcome. 

Priceline makeup director Sarah Laidlaw shows in this special tutorial, blindness and low vision don’t have to prevent women from expressing their personality, or feeling beautiful and confident through the use of makeup.

In the tutorial, Sarah catches up with Vision Australia clients Vildana and Kate to create two looks for women who are blind or have low vision and also provides some helpful application tips and techniques.

While going through the different looks for day and night, Sarah introduces various tools that can help women who are blind or have low vision to apply makeup more easily and confidently.

“Makeup’s an accessory, and I just think you need to be able to present yourself beautifully, and feel beautiful when you’re walking out in the world,” says Sarah.

“I know that it’s difficult for women who are blind and for women with low vision, but there’s a lot of little things out there that perhaps they don’t know yet,” she says.

Check out the rest of the simple and practical advice to help people who are blind or have low vision empower themselves on Cornerstone, our new online resource hub.

If you think you need more support around building up your self-confidence, or setting some achievable goals around personal presentation, you can request a call from our Employment Services team to discuss your options.