Donation provides a ticket to ride

09 January 2013
A generous donation from a highly motivated and positive client and supporter of Vision Australia has helped the Dandenong office purchase a Bike Friday tandem with the aim of procuring another during the year. Everyone understands the health benefits of cycling and the pleasure that recreational riding provides including exploring your local bike paths or joining a local cycling group.

The Bike Friday tandems fold making them more portable. These tandems can be carried by an individual even when using a mobility aid, can fit into the boot of a hatchback or even be carried on to a bus! Furthermore, the frames can be customised, allowing the front frame to be smaller than on mainstream tandems allowing those of shorter stature the ability to be a front rider.

Staff and clients of Vision Australia Dandenong are hopeful that this will allow more families to ride together, create opportunities for people to access local cycling groups and create partnerships with people of all abilities and cultures in the Dandenong area. These bikes will be available for the community to borrow as well as being available for people who are blind or have low vision.