Travel Days continue to open Brisbane to VA clients

27 November 2018

Vision Australia clients have again made the most of an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a Brisbane landmark and the city’s public transport routes.

A group of VA clients recently took part in the latest orientation and mobility travel day in Brisbane, learning how to travel safely and independently to Brisbane’s International Airport as well as terminal’s facilities.

Bashir Ebrahim OAM, Vision Australia orientation and mobility specialist, said the aim of the airport travel day is to help clients become comfortable with every aspect of travelling to and accessing the airport.

“Vision Australia’s November Travel Day at the Brisbane International Airport was an opportunity for participants to come along and experience a walking tour of the airport, get hands-on experience of negotiating the terminal and its various facilities, including security screening, customs and Airside travel,” Mr Ebrahim OAM said.

“The Travel Days are designed to help people who are blind or who have low vision to explore and learn about their city and develop their confidence in navigating around it,” he said.

“They support participants’ goals of improving independence and social inclusion for people with a disability. They encourage participants to follow-up on what they discover, and continue to use the transport systems and explore the city’s many features.”

Around 15 clients ranging in age from 18 to 70 years-old took part on the day, with Mr Ebrahim OAM again pleased by the turnout.

“Travel days have proved extremely popular among people who have low vision or are blind, as well as their carers

“Carers are encouraged to attend if possible, and Vision Australia rosters up to five orientation and mobility specialists, to provide specialist instruction, technical advice and guidance to participants during the tours.”

With the Travel Days proving popular so far, Mr Ebrahim OAM said Vision Australia would look at expanding them.

“The travel days run so far have covered a considerable variety of locations, transport modes and a good deal of fascinating information for participants about Brisbane, its history, environment and culture,” Bashir says.

“There is plenty of potential to develop new themes and tours drawing on Brisbane’s and also regional areas of Queensland’s well-known and little-known features.”

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