ACT Parliament needs to get on board with iVote

05 July 2017

"A number of people who used the kiosks felt their privacy was compromised because voting activities were displayed visually and could therefore be seen by anyone who was standing near the kiosk."

We made a comprehensive set of recommendations, asking that the ACT Electoral Commission implement iVote in time for the next election.

iVote represents a fully accessible means of recording a vote independently and in complete secrecy. Depending on personal preference, voters can use a computer, smartphone or telephone system, or speak with a call centre operator for assistance when placing their vote. The blindness and low vision community are supporting iVote and this is seen by an approximately eight-fold increase in participation between the 2011 NSW General election and the 2015 election.

"We also asked that the Commission strongly emphasise to political parties and independent candidates that they have a social and legislative responsibility to ensure that party platform information, candidate information and ‘how to vote card’ information is made available in a range of accessible formats," Ms Acutt confirmed.

We expect a response from the Committee later this year.

In the meantime, we will continue working with the blindness and low vision community, Electoral Commissions and legislators to progressively bring about a secret, independent and verifiable vote on a permanent basis.

Read the full submission: Vision Australia Submission in response to the 2016 ACT Election