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Introduction to Digital Accessibility – Free: Register Now

9 self-paced lessons, 60 mins duration.

Introduction to Digital Accessibility – Free: Register Now

DAT 101: Everyday Document Accessibility – $39.50 AUD

4 self-paced lessons, 60 mins duration.

DAT 101: Everyday Document Accessibility – $39.50 AUD

Benefits of eLearning

With backgrounds in front-end development, software engineering, interactive design, UX and research, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of our training offerings.

Experience the benefits of eLearning with our on-demand training. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from any location that suits you best. The training is consistent and standardised for each participant, so each experience is the same. All you need is a device with internet connection and you're ready to go.

Unlock new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and empower yourself with knowledge that can make a lasting impact.

Always ON

Accessible anytime, anywhere. Allows flexibility to complete modules.

Bite sized

Bite-sized, interactive content which is engaging and easier to retain.


Enabling an individual or a whole organisation to participate.

Introduction to Digital Accessibility

9 self-paced lessons, 60 mins duration. A new, self-paced course that lays the foundations for understanding why digital accessibility is necessary today and into the future. The course includes short videos, text content, additional resources and quiz questions.

Course outcomes

  • Identify how the whole community benefits from digital accessibility
  • Recognise different kinds of disabilities and how they impact individuals when accessing digital content
  • Understand digital accessibility legislation and guidelines in Australia, including the WCAG guidelines
  • Recognise assistive technologies for people with disability and what they do
  • Participate in further training with a good understanding of the basic principles of digital accessibility

Course requirements

No pre-learning required.

Register now for our free course: Introduction to Digital Accessibility
Phone held in a hand with finger hovering on 3 large buttons with icons.

"I felt I was an advocate for accessibility but realised I had so much more to know. Thank you for the easy to understand learning on Digital Accessibility."

— Course attendee

Image of the document accessibility toolbar in a word document. The Accessibiloity Tab is highlighted with options for charts, forms and inspecting images and colours.

"I highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about accessibility - this is knowledge and expertise that you won't find anywhere else."

— Course attendee

DAT 101: Everyday Document Accessibility

4 self-paced lessons, 60 mins duration. Master accessible Word document creation effortlessly using the Document Accessibility Toolbar (DAT). This course promotes everyday document accessibility in businesses, empowering individuals and organisations to confidently and effectively utilise DAT.

The course includes videos, interactive activities, real-world examples and downloadable tip sheets. DAT 101 is an essential accessibility resource for any organisation.

Course outcomes

  • Describe why accessibility is important Identify what makes a document accessible
  • Use each DAT function and describe its benefits
  • Create an accessible Word document using the DAT

Course requirements

Learners will need to download the Document Accessibility Toolbar in order to complete this course. This can be accessed in the training resources below.

Register for DAT 101: Everyday Document Accessibility

Training resources

Access our training resources and expand your skills and knowledge anytime and anywhere.

Download the Document Accessibility Toolbar

For Microsoft Office 2010 - Office 365 on a PC desktop. Not MAC OS compatible.

Download the Document Accessibility Toolbar

Watch webinars on our YouTube channel

Free to access, our webinars cover a breadth of accessibility topics.

Watch webinars on our YouTube channel

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The Digital Access team is here to help you gain the knowledge you need to provide accessibility to your digital assets for the whole community.

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