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You’re giving children like Harlow all the help they need!

Little Harlow was just eight weeks old when her parents, Amana and Nick, began to suspect something was wrong with her eyesight. They noticed her eyes moving around the room, but she wasn’t looking at anything. While they raised concerns with a maternal health nurse, nothing was diagnosed. It was not until she was three months old that she was diagnosed with nystagmus by an optometrist.

A month later, Amana and Nick also noticed Harlow was not hitting her developmental milestones, and they decided it was time for further investigation. At an appointment with the Royal Children’s Hospital, a further diagnosis of glaucoma was made – and Harlow was in surgery the very next morning.

It was a difficult and uncertain time for the family as they understood what this meant for Harlow. They were grateful to be connected with Vision Australia and get the vital early intervention therapy that Harlow needed.

Today Harlow is making amazing progress! She receives support from our speech therapist and orthoptist and has received lots of orientation and mobility support. Harlow has even had specific support with accommodations at childcare to be more inclusive to Harlow’s needs.

Harlow is a bundle of energy, and loves singing, dancing, running around and climbing! Her sensitivity to light means her mum and dad need to make some changes, but it doesn’t stop Harlow. She loves going to the beach with her mum and a great big umbrella. ‘We just want her to be happy,’ Amana said.

Your generous support means that kids like Harlow can look forward to a bright future!