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Alan’s journey to new friendships

A life-long car enthusiast, Alan was a prominent member of his local car club, and his Hot Rod was his pride and joy. ‘Car shows, long weekend drives with club members... I loved all of that.’

So, when Alan’s vision began to deteriorate about five years ago, it hit him quite hard.

‘It was gradual at first, but signs became harder to read and my judgement of distance was a bit off. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be driving for much longer.’

Alan was diagnosed with macular dystrophy as a result of Granulomatosis with polyangiitis, a rare autoimmune condition.

He sought out Vision Australia for extra help and joined our Home Care Package program, receiving help with maintenance in the home and garden and meal plans. He also discovered the Men’s Recreational Group and made wonderful new friends.

Although Alan had to sell his car, he kept his club connections and recently arranged a special Hot Rod visit for his Men’s group. They were excited to get up close and personal with the cars!

‘I love what Vision Australia has done for me. The staff are great people, always happy to help in any way they can.’