A man in protective goggles smiling to camera showing his woodwork creation

Powering your independence

Whatever stage you're at, whatever advice you need, whatever's most important to you - at Vision Australia, we can help you live life on your terms. Ready to get started?

Hugo is playing in a colourful ball pit

With your help

With your support from the start, a child like Hugo has a bright future

Image of a health care professional in a white lab coat holding a pair of simulation glasses.

Order free simulation glasses

Simulating five common eye diseases, these glasses can support communication and education to patients, families and carers. Clinicians order here.

A new Beginning', Artist Jennaveve Mulherin-Ogden, 2021 calendar winning artist

Artwork calendar competition

Entries are now open to all artists who are blind or have low vision, to feature original artwork in the 2022 Vision Australia Large Print Calendar or Diary.

Hands working on an iPad amongst other computers

End of financial year Virtual Classroom Training

Vision Australia’s Digital Access team is is encouraging organisations to make the most their training budgets and ensure their staff are trained in digital accessibility.

Eye chart

Healthcare Professionals - refer when

1. Diagnosis of a permanent, non-correctible or progressive eye condition 2. Visual Acuity of ≤6/12 (BEO) &/or Visual Field of ≤30 degrees (BEO)
3. Vision loss is putting a patient at risk

A dad and son sitting down and chatting with a speaker at the careers sampler

Register for Careers Sampler 2021

Children and young people who are blind, or have low vision, will come together to hear from a range of professionals about pursuing and achieving their career and employment goals.

A different kind of seeing - book cover, with Marie and the words "my journey".

A Different Kind of Seeing

Author Marie Younan and co-author Jill Sanguinetti will discuss their evocative memoir of Marie’s life, A Different Kind of Seeing, at Kooyong on May 19.

A hand touches the braille dots on a green LEGO® Braille Brick

LEGO® Braille Bricks

Vision Australia is proud to have launched LEGO® Braille Bricks in Australia in partnership with the LEGO® Foundation.

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