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Event Details

  • Date:18 Feb 2023

  • Time:02:00pm - 04:00pm (Australia/Melbourne)

  • Location: Billie Brown Theatre, 78 Montague Street, South Brisbane, QLD

Event Description

Is a peaceful family gathering too much to ask for on your birthday?

Roger is turning 70. No gifts and no fuss. Quality family time. That’s all he wants from his wife Sue and their three children. Maybe some balloons. It is a party after all.

But Emily, Lisa and Michael have other ideas. Emily is on a mission to save Saba, a detention centre escapee. All they need are the keys to dad’s holiday home and they’ll be on their way. Michael has found religion and is now following God’s plan. Lisa’s marriage has fallen apart with new love found in Noeline, a Border Force boat Commander. A simple family birthday get-together, right?

It’s like your worst family Christmas lunch where deeply held beliefs are pulled apart and long-held resentments resurface. Crackling dialogue, perceptive insight and fierce humour that skewers hypocrisy.

Classic Williamson.

Box Office: 3010 7600

Duration: 2 hours.

Companion Cards accepted – please mention Audio Description when booking.

Creative team:

  • Playwright: David Williamson.
  • Director: Lee Lewis.
  • Cast includes: Peter Kowitz.