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Event Details

  • Date:22 Feb 2024

  • Time:11:00am - 12:40pm (Australia/Melbourne)

  • Location: Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall Street, Kirribilli , NSW

ALONE IT STANDS - ENSEMBLE THEATRE Two adult sized, open fronted, green, wooden boxes stand side by side. Inside the box on the left is a bearded man wearing a black t-shirt, with an All Blacks feather logo on the left side, black shorts, knee length socks and football boots. Inside the box on the right is a woman with her right leg raised and fully extended with her foot higher than her head. She wears a red t-shirt, black shorts, white knee length socks and black football boots.

Event Description

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes – including interval 

Content warning: Some strong language and adult themes. Recommended for ages 12+ 

October 31st 1978. Thomond Park, Limerick. Cheers and jeers echo through the crowd as the all-amateur Munster rugby team ready for battle against the best team in the world, the legendary All Blacks. Nobody thought they could go the distance — but the scrappy Irish lads walked off the pitch with a 12-0 victory. 

The game was never televised, but the myth of this historic skirmish lives on in John Breen’s fast and funny play tackling the stories of those whose lives were touched by the unexpected win. A talented team of performers cheer, scrum and charge through 62 characters, bringing to life both teams, the fans and even animals! 

Sports fans and theatre fans alike will love this mad-cap David and Goliath tale about the ultimate underdogs. 

Playwright: John Breen 

Director: Janine Watson 

Cast includes: Tristan Black, Ray Chong Nee, Skyler Ellis, Alex King and Anthony Taufa 



For more information or to book your tickets, call the Box Office on (02) 9929 0644

Companion Cards accepted – please mention Audio Description when booking