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Event Details

  • Date:12 Jul 2023

  • Time:01:30pm - 03:30pm (Australia/Melbourne)

  • Location: Online

Event Description

Writing is a tried and tested method for coping with and understanding personal crises, depression, anxieties, stresses and traumatic events. It is also a great tool for self-reflection. The simple act of putting down words on the page can reflect our attempt to make meaning from the thoughts, feelings and experiences we have. It helps us to gain distance from the things that cause us distress. From keeping a daily diary to penning a poem, all forms of writing can help us to shape narrative from chaos. Therapeutic writing can also help us re-discover our playful selves.

In Writing for Wellbeing, Dr Sian Prior will lead you through a series of ideas and exercises in therapeutic writing, using a variety of techniques and exploring the methods that might work best for you.

Writing for Wellbeing runs over four weeks on zoom and is presented by Vision Australia Library. It is free and open to Vision Australia Library members.

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