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Vision Australia was sad to hear of the recent passing of Esme Weldon Dunell MBE. Esme was a much-loved personality at the former Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind School where she was Matron for 17 years.

Beginning in June 1960, her first job was to organise the move to the new school at Burwood. With a new location came the opportunity to alter routines and provide the children with more freedom.

Esme instituted a range of changes including the introduction of play equipment and horse riding. She always believed that the children could do whatever they set their mind to, and encouraged them to be independent.

After 17 years of service, she could see that the school was changing, and decided to retire so that new energy and ideas could be put into place.

Esme went on to work at the quadriplegic hospital in North Croyden and as a relief nurse at the MS hospital, but she always remembered her kids.