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What is usability testing?

Businesses, organisations and government departments want to make sure their websites, apps, products and services can be easily used by anyone. For that reason, Digital Access often undertake testing on their behalf to find out if there are any usability or accessibility problems and possible solutions; potential users like you are the best people to help us with this.

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Who can be involved?

These projects often require usability testing participants covering a broad range of disability groups and adaptive strategies including:

•    Persons who are blind and use screen readers on desktop and mobile devices
•    Persons with low vision who use magnification software or increase the text size  
•    Persons who are colour blind or have colour sensitivity 
•    Persons with cognitive disabilities such as dyslexia or ADHD
•    Persons with a mobility disability such as fine motor control or trembling
•    Persons with a mobility disability who use a pointing device 
•    Users of voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking

If you would like to be involved, please complete our usability testing participant survey

What happens next?

Usability research takes place either in person at one of Vision Australia’s offices, or online via your computer, depending on the nature of the testing. 
The information you provide in our survey helps our team match you to particular upcoming research studies. If suitable, we will then contact you either by email or phone and invite you to take part in a testing session based on your answers from the survey. 

Should you agree to participate, we will provide you with details about the date and location of the testing, find a suitable time and send you a Microsoft Outlook calendar invitation. The invitation will contain a link to an online form for you to complete regarding your consent to take part. 

You will then take part in the usability testing with a Digital Access accessibility consultant, either in a Vision Australia office or remotely via meeting software. Participants may be asked to perform some tasks and answer a series of questions regarding the ease of use of the website, app, product or service. Rest assured, we do not measure the capabilities of the person taking part, we test the usability of the website, app, product or service only. 

Will I receive payment for taking part?

If you choose to take part in our testing, we can often provide you with a monetary incentive to compensate you for your time and travel expenses. We will advise you of the amount before you decide if you would like to participate. All payments are made into your nominated bank account once the usability testing sessions are complete. 

Technology helps persons with disabilities to live independent lives. Usability testing is an important step in helping businesses, organisations and government departments create digital products that are accessible to all users. Your assistance through taking part in usability testing ensures your voice is heard. 

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