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Jemma, Paediatric Speech Pathologist

"I love my job"

— Jemma, Paediatric Speech Pathologist

As a Paediatric Speech Pathologist at Vision Australia, I enjoy continuing to develop my clinical skills across all of the speech pathology range of practice areas. I'm supported to employ wholistic, person-centered practice where I can continuously develop my skills as a vision specialist and a speech pathologist. I'm passionate about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), so appreciate the opportunity to explore a variety of AAC systems in order to determine the most suitable for each relevant client, in the context of vision impairment. It truly can be a thrilling challenge that is ultimately significantly rewarding.

At Vision Australia, the flexibility in managing my caseload and calendar allows for an individual approach to work-life balance. This balance is well respected and encouraged by the leadership team. I feel trusted to make the best decisions both for myself and the clients I support, which I find to be conducive to ongoing enjoyment and drive in any role.

My job wouldn't be the same without the professional culture created and maintained by Vision Australia's employees. I'm so grateful to share in this motivated and inspired environment. What a treasure.

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Jemma, Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Melissa, People and Culture Business Partner

"I'm challenged to reinvent my thinking"

— Melissa, People and Culture Business Partner

I started my journey at Vision Australia more than ten years ago as a graduate on a short-term placement. I was then offered casual project work, before taking on a supportive trainee role to develop to where I am now. Vision Australia continually supports me to progress my career and work towards my goals, by encouraging me through leadership development programs and other certifications.

At Vision Australia, I love the variety of work available and the challenge that brings to constantly adapt and reinvent my thinking. I love the opportunities to get involved in lots of different work and projects. But mostly, I love the feeling that I am connected to the purpose of the organisation and am constantly reminded of the value my role brings to ultimately supporting our clients.

I have been privileged to work on a number of exciting projects, including the development of our first Career Start Graduate Program for blind/low vision applicants (now in its 8th year), revamping our Induction Program to focus on educating new staff and volunteers on the lived experience of our clients and supporting the roll out of an agile workplace.

Working in the People and Culture team, I am not directly working with clients, however I feel very connected to the frontline as I am encouraged to work amongst our frontline staff in the local centres. This gives me the understanding of the amazing role our frontline staff play and also gives me insight into how I can focus my role to support them achieve the best client outcomes.

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Melissa, People and Culture Business Partner

Kat, Senior Kennel Attendant/Veterinary Nurse

“I’m enhancing the lives of others while developing my career”

— Kat, Senior Kennel Attendant/ Veterinary Nurse

I applied for a position at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, as I wanted to be a part of a team that delivers rewarding and positive outcomes. The connection between a client and their Seeing Eye Dog is truly remarkable, and it’s very rewarding seeing the dogs go on to enhance the lives of those in the blind and low vision community.

My job allows me to be part of a very supportive and encouraging team that are all striving towards the same goal. Everything we do, whether that be handling the dogs during enrichment, our feeding processes or even how we approach performing veterinary examinations, is all driven by the outcomes of the dogs, to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Working at Vision Australia in my role has afforded me many opportunities to enhance my leadership skills and further professional development. These are simply opportunities I would not have had in any previous roles. I have been able to collaborate with other departments within Vision Australia to successfully develop and implement released dog adoptions on the Seeing Eye Dogs website, and given opportunities to learn more about our breeding department, acquiring skills and adding more depth to my Veterinary Nursing career.

I have also enjoyed the flexibility my job has to offer. During maternity leave I was given the option to continue working from home with ‘keeping in touch hours’, which allowed me to feel very much like part of the team during my absence, and allowed a smooth transition back to work. My manager was open to discussing work hours on my return, to come to an arrangement that suited everyone.

Coming to work each day is something I look forward to and find very fulfilling.

A young woman with short brown hair is smiling at the camera while crouched on the ground and resting her head against a yellow dog
Kat, Senior Kennel Attendant/ Veterinary Nurse

Rolf, Regional Business Manager

“I work with inspiring people, who help others like me”

— Rolf, Regional Business Manager

As a client of Vision Australia, I was impressed with the level of help and service I received, and the caring nature of staff that helped me through my journey. I too wanted to join Vision Australia to continue helping people like myself, and to work with such dedicated staff.

In my role as Coordinator of Volunteers, I help volunteers and clients come together in many interesting ways. Whether that’s reading mail, going shopping, or offering social support, the volunteers help our clients achieve a better quality of life, and enable our staff to have full focus on the client’s needs.

The wonderful thing about working at Vision Australia is no two days are the same. I work alongside some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met, who give their time and skills to help clients in need. The positive feedback that I get when I successfully match a volunteer to a client gives me a sense of satisfaction and pride that I’ve helped improve a client’s life.

Through working at Vision Australia, I have been able to enhance my skills through coaching and leadership development, which has better qualified me in my role and has opened up some exciting opportunities within Vision Australia.

Coming to work at Vision Australia has been one of the best decisions in my working career that I’ve made.

In 2019 Rolf became the Regional Business Manager of the Sydney North and North West Region.

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Rolf, Regional Business Manager