Eye health

Taking care of your eyes can be a daunting proposition, and it’s important that you take the time to do it properly. The following links take all the guesswork out of eye health, covering everything from how your eye health is tested, the roles and functions of different types of eye health professionals, and also some basic tips to get you started on your way to protecting your vision.

Family, Friends, and Carers

There are a number of resources available for family, friends and carers of people with vision loss.

Finding out a person you love has a visual impairment can be as overwhelming and distressing for partners, family and friends as it is for the patient.

After the initial shock of “why her?” you will probably then wonder “what can I do?”

Your rights

You have the right to access and fully participate in every part of life you choose.  This could be education, employment, or any other part of community life.  Your rights are protected by law.

How we can support you

The law and Vision Australia are on your side. If you’re encountering barriers, including discrimination at work, or refusal of entry to a club or taxi because you are in the company of a Seeing Eye Dog, we can support you.