Bunnings teaches blind and low vision green thumbs a few gardening tricks

23 June 2022

Can’t see if your plant needs water? Just touch the soil.

If it’s dry, give it a drink.

These tactile tips were just some of the great lessons learnt at a blind and low vision specific DIY workshop at Bunnings’ Central Coast store in Tuggerah over the Queen’s birthday long weekend.

The session focussed on how to feel when your plants needed water, how to smell and taste when plants were unhealthy and how to prune and propagate plants.

A woman stands in front of two seated people an provides gardening tips
Caption: Bunnings staff provided handy tips on how people wo are blind or have low vision can care for plants. 

“It was fantastic being shown how to sort out the plants through touch, smell and taste,” one participant said.

The group was assisted by Vision Australia volunteers and Bunnings representatives who had completed blind and low vision awareness training.

The training also included orientation and mobility training to help Bunnings staff assist customers navigating the sometimes-daunting aisles with ease.

Bunnings says it hopes to roll out more workshops across its stores for Vision Australia clients, with a pilot program due to be rolled out quarterly and advertised at participating Bunnings stores.

Potentially in the pipeline can be resin cheeseboard making classes and other arts, crafts and renovating tips.

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