Get your James Patterson thrills from the Vision Australia Library

26 July 2021

With over 230 million books sold, James Patterson is one of the world’s most popular and prolific writers.

His books are considered ‘page turners’ and feature a strong emphasis on thriller plot-lines and identifiable archetypal characters.

It goes without saying Patterson’s works are some of the most popular for Vision Australia Library members, who have been eagerly awaiting some of his new books in the catalogue.

We’re thrilled to announce that a range of James Patterson books from the Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, and The Women’s Murder Club series are ready for you to download.

We’ve included the new books below.

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Alex Cross Series

Criss Cross (Alex Cross #27)

Alex Cross and his partner, John Sampson, witness the execution of a killer they helped convict. Hours later, they are called to the scene of a copycat crime. Alex soon realizes he may have much to answer for.

Available in DAISY.

Target (Alex Cross #26)

Men and women from across the nation line the streets of Washington D.C. to mourn the unexpected death of the President. Hit by painful memories of the loss of his first wife, Alex Cross is left reeling by this tragedy.

Available in DAISY.

Women’s Murder Club

The 19th Christmas 

Solving crimes never happens on schedule, but as a criminal mastermind unleashes credible threats by the hour, the month of December is upended for the Women's Murder Club. Avoiding tragedy is the only holiday miracle they seek.

Available in DAISY.

The 20th Victim

Simultaneous murders in LA, Chicago, and San Francisco, Sergeant Lindsay Boxer's jurisdiction, and local reporter Cindy Thomas’s beat. When Lindsay realizes that the fallen men and women excel in a lucrative, criminal activity, she leads the charge in the manhunt for the killers.

Available in DAISY

Michael Bennett series


Someone attacked the Thanksgiving Day Parade directly in front of Michael Bennett and his family. The television news called it “holiday terror”, Michael Bennett calls it personal. The hunt is on …

Available in DAISY.


An anonymous tip about a crime in Upper Manhattan proves to be a setup. An officer is taken down and, despite the, despite the attackers’ efforts, it’s not Michael Bennett.

Available in DAISY.


The mayor of New York’s daughter is in danger. Detective Michael Bennett’s son is in prison. The two adversaries strike a deal.

Available in DAISY.

More new James Patterson titles

Murder Games

Dr. Dylan Reinhart wrote the book on criminal behavior, literally. When a copy of his book turns up at a gruesome murder scene it looks like someone has been taking notes.

Available in DAISY.

The House of Kennedy 

Across decades and generations, the Kennedys have occupied a unique place in the American imagination: charmed, cursed, at once familiar and unknowable.

Available in DAISY.