Nothing’s Off Limits for Vision Australia Radio

06 May 2021

Vision Australia Radio is set to explore some of life’s more awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable topics in its new audio series, Nothing’s Off Limits.

Over 10 episodes, topics such as mental health, physical wellbeing, dating, relationships, body image, adult products and services, and identity and disclosure will all be explored through the specific lens of blindness and low vision.

Often felt to be too awkward or embarrassing, Nothing’s Off Limits hosts Polly Goodwin and Tess Herbert will discuss those topics and more in a straightforward and open way.

“The topics we’re discussing on Nothing’s Off Limits are some of life’s most important, but are often avoided as people are too embarrassed or unsure how to discuss them,” Polly said.

“Nothing’s Off Limits will answer some of questions our listeners have about those topics and hopefully spur them on to discuss difficult topics themselves.”

Co-host Tess brings lived experience of blindness to Nothing Off’s Limits, which is an important feature of the series.

“Our primary audience is the blind and low vision community. It’s important the show is for them, not just about them, which is why I’m excited to be involved,” Tess said.

“Nothing’s Off Limit’s will also be valuable for the wider community. Too often people with disability are considered different, but our show highlights we face the same issues and challenges that everyone else does.”

Each episode of Nothing’s Off Limits will be accompanied by a list of resources to help people explore each topic themselves, as well as where and how they can access support if needed.

Nothing’s Off Limits will air across the Vision Australia Radio network at 9pm local time every Wednesday, beginning May 5. Each episode will also be repeated at 9.30pm local time every Sunday (9pm Saturdays in Adelaide).

Episodes will also be available as podcasts from the Vision Australia website, Podbean, and Spotify.

Episode one of Nothing's Off Limits is available now. Listen here or on the player below.