Rehearsal of Carols by Candlelight a huge success in its 75th year

24 December 2012

Carols by Candlelight 2012

The success of Carols by Candlelight presented by Myer, continues into its 75th year. Rehearsals commenced on Saturday and Sunday, where the blistering heat did not faze the dedicated supporters and volunteers.

The sidney myer music bowl full or audience memebers for Carols rehearsal night 2012

Fans of the show were lining up at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl from 9am on the Sunday, through almost 40 degree heat to gain prime position at the bowl. One family in particular travelled from Brisbane to watch rehearsals, where they were also able to meet, a return favourite of the carols, Humphrey B Bear.

Humphrey B Bear with a family of four at Carols rehearsal

Our dedicated volunteers helped get the show on track. Some volunteers even drove all the way from Sydney to help out on the day. Vision Australia volunteers are in their purple Carols by Candlelight t-shirts and will be around the bowl on Christmas Eve selling candles and positioned around the bowl helping audience members find their way around.

The sidney myer music bowl full or audience memebers for Carols rehearsal night 2012

Without the dedication of these volunteers, who helped put the pieces together for the big show, we wouldn't have the success that is Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight.

With all the hard work of volunteers, staff and crew, it is hoped to raise record funds for Vision Australia’s children’s services. Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight presented by Myer, is one of the only major carols events that fundraise. These vital funds go towards training and resources which focus on the learning, playing and daily living to support children who are blind or have low vision.

To donate, you can Light a Candle on our  website  or call 1300 84 74 66.

The tremendous enthusiasm and unwavering support of Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight is truly spectacular, and by indication, the Christmas Eve show will be a great success.

Vision Australia wishes all volunteers, patrons, staff and clients a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the show!Carols rehearsal - The orchestra rehearses in 36 degree heat