Facebook Live: Parents and carers session

15 August 2019

Are you a parent or carer of a child who is blind or has low vision and looking for information about what support services are available?

Our next Facebook Live session is for you, with it covering the specialist support Vision Australia can provide to support children at home, school and in the wider community. It will also feature lived experiences from a parent of a child who is blind.

Our panel will tackle the common questions parents and carers face when raising children who are blind or who have low vision and you’ll also be able to ask them specific questions you may have.

Facebook Live: Parents and carers session

When: 1pm-2pm, Tuesday, August 27

Where: Live on Vision Australia’s Facebook page. (Click going here to be reminded.)

Meet the panel

Natalie Kaine: Vision Australia Occupational Therapist

For 19 years Natalie has worked with school aged children who are blind or have low vision and their families, in metropolitan regional and remote areas of Australia. 

Her particular areas of interest are promoting independence, social competence and career awareness through individual and group programs. 

Natalie is currently a PhD candidate with The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Sciences, investigating career education for children and adolescents who are blind or have low vision.

Melissa Fanshawe: Parent, educator and PhD candidate

Melissa represents Parents within the Vision Australia’s Client Reference Group. 

Her son, Ollie, lives with Bilateral Peters anomaly and Melissa is a strong advocate for standardised accessible formats so students who are blind or have low vision can have independent access to quality education.

Melissa has completed her Master of Special Education (Vision Impairment) through RIDBC Renwick Centre and is currently completing a PhD.

Melissa is also the Queensland convenor for the Australian Braille Authority and vice-president of the South Pacific Educators of Vision Impairment.

John Clower: Vision Australia Access Technology Specialist 

John works with people of all ages who are blind or have low vision around how technology can support them in their everyday lives.

Originally from the United States, John also holds a Masters in History and a Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Political Science.

Have your questions answered

Our panel is keen to answer your questions relating to being a parent or carer of children who are blind or have low vision.

You can ask them directly through Facebook during the session, or feel free to email them in prior to media@visionaustralia.org.