Sami in Paradise (Audio Described)


Date 28 Apr 2018

Time 14:00 PM


Box office

Address Belvoir Street Theatre 25 Belvoir Street , Surry Hills , New South Wales

Mobile 02 9699 3444


A displaced persons camp that’s become a town. Sami’s lived here so long he can barely remember his real home. He’s a bit of a dreamer, a bit of a clown. One night he wakes up at the end of his tether. There’s gotta be more to life than this. He stakes his dignity on learning the tuba, little knowing he’s set out on a path that will lead him to attending his own funeral…

 Sami in Paradise is a fresh new version of Nikolai Erdman’s classic 1928 comedy The Suicide, transplanted from the obliterating regime of Stalin’s Russia to the obliterating regime of living stateless in the world today.

 A play full of slapstick, exuberance, and the zing of being alive – if Hamlet were a clown in a refugee camp, this is what you’d get.