Living Together (Audio Described)


Date 13 Dec 2018

Time 20:15 PM



Address Ensemble Theatre 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli , New South Wales

Phone (02) 9929 0644


In a country home in rural England, an extended family comes together for a not exactly planned weekend away. Annie lives in the house and looks after her invalid mother, Sarah and Reg have come to visit Annie and give her some time off. Meanwhile Annie’s brother-in-law Norman is desperate to convince her to run away with him, despite the arrival of Annie’s slow-witted suitor Tom, and Norman’s workaholic wife Ruth.

 THE NORMAN CONQUESTS are three hilarious interconnecting plays giving the audience behind the scenes access to simultaneous events in a very dysfunctional household. Peep through the living room windows, pull up a seat at the kitchen table or take a stroll down the garden path with Norman: performed by one ensemble cast of actors, each play can be enjoyed as a single experience in any order, or all together on a special trilogy day.