School, friends and play dates

By Kimberley on 16 March 2017 Go comment! about School, friends and play dates

With school holidays fast approaching it's safe to say that we are well and truly accustomed to this new lifestyle.

Paisley knows Monday is library day, home readers are to be taken home every day, and cross country is next Thursday. She's very excited about this event but I'll save that story for another blog.

All of the logistics surrounding Prep have been fairly easy to master. The day-to-day operations quickly become second nature as students transition into mainstream education. 
The terrifying part is the social side of it all.

We were all kids once. We've all been there and know what it's like to be at school. You're constantly surrounded by unfamiliar faces and are well and truly out of your comfort zone. It can be a scary time for little ones. Yet amongst all of this chaos you have to somehow forge bonds with complete strangers and form friendships.

This was my biggest fear with Paisley starting school because she is such an introvert. Or, so I thought.

Her first week was tough but we knew this would be inevitable. But, day after day, she would slowly start rattling off the names of kids she would talk to and sit with. Sure enough, school drop-offs turned into a 'who's who' of classmates. "Oh Mum, that's Sienna. That's Noah and that's Edith. You talked to her Mum. Remember?"

My little girl has made friends in a matter of weeks and has formed friendships with almost everyone in her class. She has told all of her classmates about her eye condition and they have embraced her with open arms. When there is a lot of glare beaming through the window her friends will tell Mrs Teys, her teacher that the light is too bright for Paisley. And, just like that, the blinds will be shut.

Recently, the school wrapped bright red masking tape around all of the metal poles in the Prep area. As the poles are a similar colour, Paisley tended to misjudge where they were and occasionally walked into them. Her classmates know who the masking tape is for and are very protective over the fact that it's there for Paisley's benefit. Touch the masking tape and you won't hear the end of it. "Don't touch that. It’s for Paisley". It's all very sweet.

Having such caring kids in Paisley's class is fantastic. We all know the saying, kids will be kids but Paisley has been lucky enough to be placed in a class with friendly munchkins.

So, today, for the first time EVER, Paisley had an afterschool play date with a few of her friends. They ate ice blocks, danced, sung, and did 'kid’s cosmic yoga'. Admittedly all of this took place at my mate's house - thanks Ann - but nonetheless, Paisley had her first school play date. #Winning.

Since our last blog, Paisley turned five. We can't believe it. Here's a photo of her enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast weather with her bud, Olive.  

 The picture shows Paisley and Olive, two small girls, sitting next to each other with big smiles on their faces.