Podcast series: Nothing's off limits

Nothing’s off limits in new Vision Australia audio series

Welcome to the home of Vision Australia’s ‘Nothing’s Off Limits’: a podcast series where experts and people with lived experience sit down with hosts Tess and Polly and discuss topics we love to avoid but absolutely need to talk about.

Nothing's Off Limits podcast Vision Australia Radio, microphone icon

These are the subjects which are often felt to be too awkward or embarrassing to ever get talked about in a straightforward and open way.


This series of bite-sized, conversational podcasts is designed to demystify the process of signing up to the NDIS and assist you on your NDIS journey.

Key National Disability Insurance Agency staff explain all the fundamentals of the scheme, from how to access the scheme and basic participant requirements, to individual planning and goal setting.

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If you’d like to know more about the NDIS call Vision Australia’s helpline on 1300 847 466.