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Being a carer can be difficult

Vision Australia understands the responsibility and time it takes to be a carer, and as such is developing dedicated tools and supports to help make your job easier.

Are you a carer?

You’re a parent, a sibling, a son or a daughter. You’re an aunt, uncle or a grandparent. Or you might be a friend, a neighbour or a community member. If you’re providing support to someone living with vision loss, you're also a carer.

Receiving a vision loss diagnosis can be hard, and often leads to a big and sudden change in someone’s life.

It can also be difficult for you to know how you can best help them or where you can find further support for the person you’re caring for.

How can you help the person you’re caring for?

Whether someone has recently been diagnosed or has been living with vision loss for a longer period of time, there are a range of ways you can offer different kinds of support.

“If we don’t keep pace … we lose our ability to carry out our duties.”

— a wife caring for her husband with vision loss.

A carer’s impact is bigger than you know

For someone who is experiencing vision loss, having a strong network of support has never been more important.

This includes service providers and health professionals, family and friends, and the community around you.