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A referendum will be held in Australia on Saturday 14 October, to decide whether to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia, by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. This is widely known as the ‘Voice to Parliament referendum’.

Under the Referendum (Machinery provisions) Act 1984, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is required to distribute a Yes/No referendum pamphlet to every household listed on the electoral role. The Yes/No referendum pamphlet includes:

  • a statement outlining the proposed change to the constitution,
  • the case that is in favour of the proposed constitutional alteration (the Yes case),
  • the case that is against the proposed constitutional alteration (the No case).

The arguments known as the Yes and No cases, were written by Members of Parliament and Senators. The AEC has no legislative authority to fact check these cases and cannot amend or contribute to the content.

Accompanying the Yes/No referendum pamphlet, the AEC official guide contains important information about voting and polling places.

For voters who are blind or have low vision, the referendum booklet containing both the Yes/No referendum pamphlet and the AEC official guide, will be available online at Referendum 2023 - The Yes/No case pamphlet (aec.gov.au), in the following formats:

  • e-Braille
  • Large print
  • Audio MP3
  • E-text

Hard copy formats are also available for delivery through the AEC Contact Centre by calling 13 23 26. Formats include:

  • Braille - Grade one (embossed)
  • Braille - Grade two (embossed)
  • Large Print (printed)
  • CDA (CD)
  • Audio MP3 (USB)
  • Audio DAISY (USB)
  • E-Text (USB)
  • E-Text (email)

Voters who are blind or have low vision can vote using the AEC secure telephone voting service. Registration for telephone voting will be available after the issue of a writ for the referendum, and the phone number and further information will be provided on this page Referendum 2023 - Telephone voting (aec.gov.au).

For further information please visit www.aec.gov.au or call 13 23 26.