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When Raphael was born, everyone just assumed he had very fair hair – but after six months, he was diagnosed with albinism and nystagmus.

It was a real shock to his parents Francesca and Andrew, who knew very little about the challenges that come with low vision. Fortunately, they were quickly connected with Vision Australia, which provided encouragement and opened their minds to the support they could provide to Raphael in his early years of development.

Within just one month, Raphael had been tested, prescribed a pair of glasses, and commenced weekly sessions to improve his development.

With such aids and equipment, his vision range increased from 10cm in front of his face to 30cm within a few months, and there have been further exciting changes for Raphael over time.

There have also been significant improvements in his vocabulary and expression through language with the assistance of Vision Australia. He loves our FEELIX Library kits and playing with LEGO Braille Bricks!

Today Raphael is even attending a mainstream kindergarten, and the Vision Australia team has made several visits to ensure the grounds are fully accessible and staff know how to help Raphael succeed.

Mum Francesca has become a passionate advocate for Raphael and for Vision Australia services and often speaks at ophthalmologist conferences to share her son's story. She says Raphael's successes are a testament to the hard work of Vision Australia.

Your support means the world to many other children like Raphael – thank you!