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We were simply overwhelmed by the kind response from our wonderful supporters to the story of little Daisy.

Your outpouring of generosity will ensure children like Daisy continue to receive all the specialised support they need – and help mums like Louisa, too.

Four-year-old Daisy lives with about 30% vision in her left eye, and 50% in her right. With the right support and early intervention, Daisy is flourishing and eager to learn more skills that will give her the independence she needs.

Her world is opening up to new possibilities every day, especially as she approaches going to school!

Louisa loves to proudly share the many triumphs her beautiful daughter achieves every day, and now, she is looking forward to an even brighter future for Daisy.

"Daisy's confidence increases every day, and it makes me so proud. I want to thank every person who donates to Vision Australia, for helping my little girl live a full and wonderful life! We are so happy and grateful to have you in our lives," says Louisa.

Thank you for making a world of difference for children like Daisy who are blind or have low vision.