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Course Description:

This course is a practical introduction to inclusive design. You will learn actionable tips and principles on how to create digital products that are accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities, diverse abilities, and needs.

In this course, attendees will:

1. Be introduced to inclusive design concepts and theory

2. Learn practical evidence-based top tips when designing for:

  • Vision loss
  • Screen magnifier
  • Screen readers
  • Hearing loss
  • Physical and motor disabilities
  • Cognitive and learning disabilities
  • Mental health

3. Apply these tips immediately with practical practice design reviews

Who this course is for:

The course is aimed at user experience designers, user experience researchers, user-interface designers, and product designers.

What to expect and prepare:

The training sessions are live and interactive, and participation is highly encouraged. Each attendee requires access to a desktop or laptop computer with a good internet connection and a headset or microphone and speakers. Instructions for Zoom will be sent with the invitation. 


"Engaging and interesting course on the benefits and application of the inclusive design approach." Brenda, TAFE NSW

"Every digital designer should do this course - inclusive design should always be part of the design thinking." Bec, sixheads

"I really enjoyed the Inclusive Design course! Even though the training had to be done online because of the COVID-19 restrictions, I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything that would have been in the normal course. In fact, I retained more knowledge because the course content was split over four weeks of online training! The interactive activities that we had to do as part of this course allowed me to experience firsthand how a person living with a disability would interact and navigate through websites and mobile devices. I definitely have a greater understanding now of how to create designs that are accessible and inclusive for all." Isabel, Julia Farr Association

"Joshua was great and was very informative with presenting and helping me learn about inclusive design. It's amazing how much I didn't know prior to doing this training and I thought I already knew quite a bit. Thank you!" Patrick, icare

"This is a great course that covers a lot (a lot!) of information about different types of disabilities and assistive technologies, and the solutions and design patterns that are out there. It's heavy on theory and resources (with a great deal of discussion) but there's a bit of a practical element too. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to know more about what a disability is and how inclusive design benefits everyone." Pamela, Sydney Living Museums


Please follow the date links below to register for Inclusive Design training:

2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

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Course content:

Module 1: Introduction to inclusive design

  • What is disability?
  • ​The law, ethics, and beyond
  • What is inclusive design?​
  • Broader beneficial impact​

Module 2: Inclusive design patterns and application:

  • Designing for vision loss​
  • Screen magnifier-specific patterns
  • Conduct an inclusive design review (focus on vision loss and screen magnifier)

Module 3: Inclusive design patterns and application (continued):

  • Screen reader-specific patterns
  • Conduct an inclusive design review (focus on screen reader)
  • Designing for hearing loss
  • Designing for physical and motor disabilities

Module 4: Inclusive design patterns, application and methodology

  • Designing for cognitive and learning disabilities
  • Designing for mental health
  • Conduct an inclusive design review (bringing it all together)
  • Inclusive methodology

Course Materials

You will be provided with a copy of the module slides and a list of resources for further reading.


Full Fee:

  • $695 including GST per registration

Group Discount (over four attendees)

  • $635 including GST per registration

Course Enquiries

Phone: 1300 367 055 
Email: [email protected]